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One year later

Posted by Ylmir - December 25th, 2017

Hello everyone !

You probably noticed that I haven't been really active on Newgrounds. Actually, soon after my last post, one year ago, I had to put music a bit on hold because of my studies. For those who aren't aware of this, I study Information Technology and Information Systems and am pursuing an engineering degree - yeah, nothing to do with music, and school projects eat up a lot of my free time.

And yet, as much as I'd like to say that I'll be back soon, I know I won't, at least not before this summer - but for a good reason : I will spend a few months studying in South Korea, beginning in February. I'm really excited, because depending on the courses I will be able to take, this semester abroad may become the missing link between my current curriculum and most of my hobbies and projects - including music, but also something else.

A dream of mine is to create a video game, for the very same reasons that got me into music in the first place : In order to give life to a world, to share it with people. I hope to be able to create a small indie studio and publish a first game after the end of my studies. It's a pretty mad dream, and a quite risky bet, but it's one I'm willing to take.


My trip to Korea also means I may not be able to make music for several months, since I won't be able to move my current home studio setup to Korea, but I am looking for alternative solutions. I still have some things to sort out, but I'm hoping I'll have an operational portable setup before my flight to Seoul. :)


In the meantime, I still have some music to share with you - two tracks I've worked on for Creative Community have been released this month on our Youtube channel :

That one's pretty old, and it honestly shows its age, but it has been received quite positively even despite this.



I already talked about this one in a previous post - if you're not interested in the quieter part, this track builds up to epic proportions, beginning from 1:20 to reach its full power slightly after the 22-minute mark - feel free to skip to the parts that sound interesting to you if you feel like it.

I worked on it using the foundations laid by another composer working on the series, who is great at stuff i'm less comfortable with, and conversely, I'm pretty good where he has difficulties - as you can guess, when we have an opportunity to collaborate, we both learn a lot from each other. We worked again together a few days/weeks ago, but I can't really say anything more about it -- yet. But of course, as soon as it'll be public, I'll let you know ! :)