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Projects outside Newgrounds and small retrospective

Posted by Ylmir - November 11th, 2016

Hey guys !

A project on which I’ve been working for a while is finally releasing, and I thought I’d share the word. If you’re not interested in the project itself, but would like to see how my music today compares to what I was making three years ago, feel free to skip to the videos at the end ;)


Starcube : Galaxy is a machinima series (movies made using a game’s engine), made using the game Minecraft. It’s a sci-fi series with some influences of games like Mass Effect or Stargate. There is english subtitles, so if you’re interested, you can watch it even if you don’t understand a single word of french. The first episode is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UO99zj8eGI

The very first episode has been released in February 2013, and I joined the team not so long after – it was my first time working on movies. We kept working on the series and releasing episodes as soon as they were ready, until November 2013, when we released the 4th episode of the series, out of six initially planned. Things were going incredibly slow, a ton of work was needed for each episode, and we couldn’t release them at a steady pace.

After this episode, we ended up making a tough decision. The team had grown a lot since the first episode, we learned a lot of things, and the first episodes were way behind what we were now able to do. We decided to start over, and made a new first episode, a « reboot » – it was a proof of concept, to show why we took this decision.


Yup, the first episode definitely showed its age.


Another big change is that we would make the whole season before releasing the series at a much steadier pace – it was probably the biggest bet on this reboot of the series.

We began releasing the series some weeks ago, and we just released the 5th episode today. This one is especially important for me, because we’re reaching the point at which I began making music for this project in the first season – it also means it’s my turn to see the difference of quality between the first version and the new one, and to see my progression during the last three years.

Here’s the music used for the discovery of Cardis, the « Center Of Everything », in the first season, more than three years ago :

(noticed the weird synths ? On that day, I created a monster.)


And here’s the episode 5, released some hours ago. The piece I am talking about starts at 19:50, where @Auraman began the work (I just arranged some of his ideas here), until 21:20 where I completely took the lead with my own ideas.

Although it’s the resolution of the episode, there is no real major spoilers for the series in this part - it's only spoiling the end of the episode (obviously), so I think you can check it out even if you're planning to watch the series. ;)

(music at 19:50 or 21:20, depending on what you want to listen to. :p)


Ideally, I should have added some synths, but Alchemy literally died in my hands while I was working on this track, and I’ve been able to make it work again only today. It turned out Alchemy hated my SSD. Well, at least, these choirs give a more epic vibe to it.

I don’t release a lot of music on Newgrounds, but I thought you might be interested in hearing what I’m working on outside of my personal projects. So, what do you think about it ?