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Top down Pac Top down Pac

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The game is unplayable on Firefox, but works fine in Chrome. For some reason, the controls respond randomly, sometimes with a delay of several seconds. It's probably because different browsers will not allocate the same resources to Flash or Unity.

Also, I noticed it's possible to get stuck outside the level, and putting the weapon on the player's position results in the fact that the player may leave the starting position without your weapon - and it looks like you can't grab it at all sometimes.

Ghoulers responds:

Well yes, Construct 2 doesn't really support FireFox, also this is an HTML5 game, not a flash or Unity game.
Getting stuck outside the level is something impossible to remove, because the player wraps around the level meaning that there's enough space for the player to move between the the first side and the second for him to get stuck in, and the player not being able to grab the weapon is a bit of a mystery to me, i don't understand why but it may be related to the fact that i used an old version of Construct 2 to make this game.

Crushing Reality Crushing Reality

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I've been able to reproduce the menu bug described in BallDor's review. This happens when the player quickly cancels just after entering the rift, before the graphical transition is finished. Probably a variable that is changed after the transition instead of being changed before. It's possible to come back to normal by using the exact same method, it seems (just in case someone else have this issue)

Apart from this issue, this game is cool, with an interesting concept. I'm not really fond of the sound, music and graphics though.

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Hoork responds:

Thank you for a bug report. That was useful. I will fix this issue later.

Fish Simulator Fish Simulator

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This game feels more like a prototype : You've basically seen everything it has to offer after five seconds of gameplay. It also doesn't have much to offer compared to other similar "growth" games. You could probably think about adding some more to it, more content (ie. different fish types, different levels, obstacles... but also new gameplay systems to make this game stand out compared to what already exists in this genre).
About the game itself, the biggest issue I had is that the area is way too small. You should either increase the resolution of the game or make all the fishes (including the played one) smaller. This would increase the freedom of movement of the player, and by adjusting the spawn rates of the different fish accordingly, waiting for the good one could be less frustrating.

This game is fairly simple and really lacks innovative ideas, but on the positive note, it does perfectly what it is supposed to do.

brycer9 responds:

Thanks for your feedback =) You're right, not much time was spent on this. It was my first flash game. I will work on adding more content

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-:: Little Track ::- -:: Little Track ::-

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Honestly, I find it pretty hard to hear what's going on in the track, partly because of the orchestration, and maybe partly because of the mixing (high amount of compression ?). I don't know if the comparison will help you to see what's the issue, but it's like all your instruments are walking on each other.
Also, in terms of composition, your instruments aren't supporting each other in a coherent fashion, they are instead all playing their own part without taking into account what the other sections are playing. While this could work sometimes in small passages where the composer wanted his track to sound messy on purpose, I'm not sure this was intended here. Nothing stands out, not even a main melody or harmony.

Sorry for being the party pooper this time, but I hope my feedback will help you for your next pieces. ;)

PS : Don't mind the rating, it was random. Sometimes I wish we could post a review without actually rating the track. At least,it doesn't count for anything, as far as I know.

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Agitat0r responds:

no excuse for my lameness. ^.^

i don't know half of the time what im doing either.

thank you for your constructive criticism.

To Far Lands (Concept Overworld Theme) To Far Lands (Concept Overworld Theme)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Help is on the way ! :p

I think one of the main issues there is that your melodies are repeating themselves a lot, and it really quickly becomes repetitive. Try to add more variation in your track, even if it means having some more drastic changes sometimes. Listen to the Hyrule Field music from OOT, and see how the track keep varying in terms of melody and instrumentation.

I also feel like the different melodies sometimes lack of coherence (they don't always go very well together, even if they could work well if they were kept separated). This might be an orchestration issue, though, but maybe you tend to stack a bit melodies without taking care with how they interact with the other elements playing at the same time. I see too many people forgetting that, and I did too, some years ago. :p

Your melodies also lack a bit of something - maybe they aren't catchy enough for what you're trying to do, but here this could also be a mixing issue, the strings/brass sounds playing the main melodies feel a bit distant. This could also be because of the lack of coherency I already mentioned. Yeah, there's a lot of things to think about. xD

Freed Sprite Freed Sprite

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The biggest issue I can hear in this track is the fact that the guitars sound REALLY muddy. It probably comes from the way they've been recorded, but while everything else in the track sounds crystal clear, the guitars feel like they're far behind the other instruments. Maybe you could try to raise the levels of the guitar and throw in some EQ to compensate for the recording issues.

I also noticed it's always the same sample, without any variation, that is used for the strings' staccatos (it can easily be heard in the intro, at 0:10). I know it's only a detail, and not that important given the style of the track and how these staccatos are buried in the mix for the rest of the track, but as someone composing mainly with orchestral instruments, I couldn't help but notice that. ^^
What we usually do on this kind of staccatos, when working on orchestral stuff, is randomizing a bit the velocity of each note, so the same sample isn't always used (I'll spare you the whole "an orchestra is naturally imperfect" argument this time xD). But again, your staccatos work as intended anyway in this context, so it's not really an issue, just a little personal nitpick because of how I'm used to work ^^
And in this style, maybe it wouldn't work really well anyway. Give it a try, and see if it works for you.

Finally, I don't really like the snare. While it doesn't disturb me too much, maybe I'd have added some mid/highs to it. It may be a bad idea though, I'm not really familiar with this style in terms of mixing.

Apart from these things, I really liked your track : it is highly energetic and works really well, it's just sad that these guitars don't shine as they should.

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m8bot responds:

Thanks for the feedback !!! yeah the strings staccatos are actually a nexus arp patch i was too lazy to work on them XD. Thanks for the advices. It was a bit hard to work on the guitars because my friend sent me all the tracks in one audio file and he doesnt have a very good recording materials, i should have more work there :/ Thanks for the long review it means a lot !